Completing Your Payroll Information

To make sure that your payroll information is processed properly, complete each of the following steps. You must have your Blazer ID and a strong password before you can complete this process. Set up Blazer ID and password at Your Blazer ID will not be active for 24 hours.

  • Submit your Federal Tax information electronically
  • Submit your State Tax information electronically
  • Submit your Direct Deposit information electronically

Oracle Administrative System: Self Service Applications

To access the system from any computer, navigate to myUAB and click on Oracle HR & Finance from myApps. You will be asked to provide your Blazer ID and strong password. If you do not have a Blazer ID, or cannot remember your Blazer ID or Password, go to and follow the prompts given. If you need assistance, contact AskIT via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at (205) 996-5555.

Task to Be Performed

UAB Self Service Application Menu Option

Video Tutorials

Update name and home address

Updating your personal information in Oracle


Add/Update direct deposit account(s)

*When adding or updating direct deposit information, please make all changes no less than 10 days prior to the next pay date.

How to Set Up a Direct Deposit

Update federal and state tax withholdings online. State tax withholdings: Alabama Form A-4 may be submitted online; out of state tax forms must be completed and faxed to Payroll Services at (205) 975-4739

Online Tax Forms

How to Set Up Tax Withholding Forms

Change pay option between nine-in-nine and nine-in-twelve (nine-month contract employees ONLY), available April 1 – July 31

Nine Month Pay Election Form


View payment calculations, including escrow withheld and escrow paid based on the nine-in-twelve pay option

Nine Month Pay Escrow Calculator