by Jori May

Dr. Jeffrey Robertson was born in River Ridge, Louisiana. He completed medical school at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans, and ultimately found his was to Alabama for residency. When asked how he decided on UAB, he recounts a story of his interview day: “Everyone at UAB seemed to enjoy working. The third year resident who was giving us a tour actually took over a code in Cooper Green. He took care of it in stride...I was so impressed I knew I had to come to UAB.”

Robertson JeffJeffrey RobertsonDuring residency, Jeff discovered his passion for gastroenterology. He credits Dr. Brendan McGuire and the rest of the UAB GI faculty for spurring this interest. Aside from clinical duties, Jeff has been working with Dr. Shajan Sugandha on a research project investigating the correlation between incomplete colonoscopies and eventual diagnosis of colorectal cancer. The goal is to design a risk score to help clinicians determine when a follow-up colonoscopy should be conducted. He will be entering GI fellowship at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2015 and plans to focus his career in Hepatology.

Jeff has spent the past two years living with his good friends and co-residents, Drs. Joshua Stripling and Alexander Brueder. He is known for walking the hospital in his LSU purple and gold because, as Josh explains, "He thinks New Orleans is the only city in the world." Even more importantly, Jeff is known as an outstanding teammate and leader. One intern, Dr. Robert Oubre, recounts that Jeff would frequently make an extra effort to teach, working to ensure that his team members were not only providing great care, but also becoming better physicians along the way.

A few quick facts about Jeff (loosely adapted from James Lipton of Inside the Actors Studio):
  • What is your favorite medical word? Coryza. Saw it originally in a 1927 medical dictionary my aunt gave me as a gift. People rarely use it, so I try to work it in my presentations when I get the opportunity.
  • What is your least favorite medical word? Rales.
  • What is your favorite part of residency? The camaraderie between residents and the opportunities for learning we have available daily.
  • What is your least favorite part of residency? Since they moved my Thursday afternoon primary care clinic I haven't been able to hang out with Tavo (Dr. Heudebert) in a while.
  • What hospital sound or noise do you hate? I might have PTSD from telemetry in the MICU.
  • What is your favorite thing about Birmingham? The Barons games.
  • What profession other than physician would you like to attempt? Professional baseball could happen.
  • As you leave residency and head off to fellowship, what would you like to hear Drs. Heudebert and Willett say to you as you go? “You're so good you don't need to take the board exam.” That would be nice.