Drs. Stripling, Willett, Blackburn, Morris, Weil, Russ
Stripling, Willett, Blackburn, Morris, Weil, & Russ
It has been an honor to serve the Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program this year as Chief Medical Residents. There have been ongoing improvements to our program this year with the continuation of the Health Disparities Track, formation of the Clinician Educator Track, emphasis on Resident Wellness, and a focus on Diversity Enrichment. However, the central tenants of this residency program—unsurpassed clinical education, myriad research opportunities, and excellent patient care—remain unchanged.  We would like to thank the program leadership and office staff, but especially the residents who teach us daily, for an amazing year. 

Rebekah, Josh, Kirk, and RJ

  • Kirk Russ will begin a Gastroenterology Fellowship at UAB.
  • Josh Stripling is moving to Boston for an Infectious Disease Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
  • Rebekah Weil is moving to Portland for a General Internal Medicine Fellowship at Oregon Health and Sciences University.
  • RJ Blackburn is moving to Sommerset, Kentucky, to work as a clinician-educator in a residency program.