Alison and Jake Rogers at the Crawfish Table
Alison & Jake Rogers at the 2016 Crawfish Boil.
On April 9th, the Internal Medicine Residency staff, leadership, and residents gathered at Dr. and Mrs. Heudebert’s house for a crawfish boil. This event followed the first of its kind, which occurred in 2013, with 150 lbs. of crawfish cooked by chief medical resident Kirk Russ and under the instruction of PGY3 Chris Capps. The crawfish were joined by pounds of potatoes, corn, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and carrots along with a variety of seasonings. Alumnus Kevin Allen from the graduating class of 2015 provided the crawfish recipe, a 100 quart cooking pot, and a home-made table for easy clean-up and crawfish eating. Residents also brought food ranging from delicious gumbo to banana pudding and everything in between.

The weather was perfect as kids of all ages gathered around the large wooden table to rip off mini red lobster heads and dig into the meat found in the tail. Inexperienced interns and residents from the Midwest and Northeast got hands on instruction on the spicy, messy, delicious southern tradition from several seasoned experts. Some choose the “peel apart” technique while others bravely pursued the more barbaric “bite and tear” approach. Dr. Heudebert’s legendary sangria was a sensation while some select mudbugs protected the keg of beer. Overall the event was a great success and brought everyone together outside of the hospital for a good ole’ southern afternoon.