The Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency is a program steeped in tradition. To celebrate this legacy, the first ever UAB Residency Reunion saw our alumni get together, greet old friends, and share stories from their training.
Drs. Crawford Owens and Dick Briggs
This event was held in March at the UAB National Alumni Society House, bringing together residents from every decade from the 1960s to 2016. Program Director Lisa Willett gave a program update, and alumni were treated to a slideshow of resident life over the decades.

This occasion was suggested by Dr. Richard Mazey from the class of 1977. When asked what prompted him to consider a reunion, he said “I have been jealous of the great times my friends involved with the Flower’s Society at UAB have had over the past decades from their gatherings. I also have enjoyed the times I have met former residents and faculty members at Nephrology meetings around the country. Now however, as I’m approaching a new point in my career, I looked forward to reliving those great years spent in training in Birmingham. I have always felt that those in the program that were senior to me were inspiring in teaching me principles of medicine that I have never forgotten. I wanted a chance to thank them for all they did." 

Dr. Jack Trigg, who served as chief medical resident in 1961-1962, also had insights into the reunion:

“One thing we had in the 50's was a Saturday morning CPC Grand Rounds run by the CMR and located in the OLD (now destroyed) Hillman Auditorium. The performers were Dr. Harrison, Dr. Lyons, and Dr. McManus from the Department of Pathology. All were quick thinkers, cutting with their comments and merciless with each other. It amounted to a two hour Broadway production and was well attended by the medical and surgical faculty, as well as many of the private physicians. Many of the OLD docs will remember this quite well. 

I heard Dr. Joe Reeves say many times that Dr. Harrison was the greatest clinician he had ever known. I believe it to be true. We always presented patients to him "cold" and never can I recall him at a loss for giving a knowledgeable discussion of the issue. He was well versed in literature, frequently quoted Osler (whom he knew personally) and exuded kindness and caring. We were all so fortunate to know him and I see Dr. Harrison as the CONNECTION between the OLD and the NEW medically speaking.”

More Decades of Tinsley Harrison IM Residency Graduates

Doug Tilt and Richard Mazey

Linda Schultz, David Schultz, Stan Massie, Lisa Willett, Ramu Nallamala

Sonya Heath, Mollie DeShazo, Anne Davis, Jason Morris, JR Hartig
2000s 2
Rebekah Weil, Brandi Blackburn, RJ Blackburn, Monee Amin, Sam Weigel, Josh Stripling