UAB’s Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program is excited to welcome the new incoming Internal Medicine residents for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This interview season marked an exciting and unprecedented year for our program. We received 1,975 applications and interviewed 337 residents from across the country and indeed across the world. Among these, were 80 AOA and 137 female applicants. The program is delighted to welcome 42 new trainees this coming June including 36 Categorical, 2 ABIM Research Pathway, and 4 Preliminary residents.  These talented young physicians hail from 24 different medical institutions in 17 different states and 5 countries.  Please welcome the UAB Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Intern Class of 2016-2017!

Chaitanya Allamneni, University of Alabama
Jennifer Anderson, Georgia Regents University
Muhannad Al, Arabian Gulf University
Brett Barlow, University of Mississippi
Rachel Bartsch, University of Louisville
Brent Bermingham, Georgia Regents University
Brandon Bringuel, Georgia Regents University
Matthew Burden, University of Alabama
Chad Colon, University of Alabama
Jared Davis, Florida State University
Allison Dixon, Wright State University
Zachary Doegg, Georgia Regents University
Jennifer Druce, University of Central Florida
Diego Fernandez, University of Arkansas
Jordan Harper, University of Alabama
Joshua Harpool, University of Arkansas
Neha Hingorani, University of Alabama
James Hollier, Louisiana State University
Stephen Infanger, University of Texas
Jonathan Kalehoff, University of Florida
Eric Kreps, University of Louisville
Nicholas McQueen, University of Alabama
Neal Miller, Wake Forest University
Eduardo Mulanovich, University of Texas
Lauren Pacheco, University of Arkansas
Christopher Pallas, The Commonwealth Medical College
John Russell Penick, University of Mississippi
Shane Reighard, University of South Carolina
John Romano, University of Queensland
Gaurav Shah, Louisiana State University
Laura Stanko, Marshall University
Stephen Stuart, University of Alabama
Elena Stuewe, Southern Illinois University
Mary Vamenta, University of Mississippi
Ashley Vorenkamp, Louisiana State University
Gustave Weiland, Virginia Commonwealth University
Cameron White, Tulane University

Susan Onami, University of California
John Roberson, University of Alabama
Robert Wann, University of Oklahoma
Edward Yang, University of Mississippi

ABIM Research
Awalpreet Chadha, Jawaharlal Institute
Yulia Khodneva, Yaroslavl State Medical Academy