The importance of a well-balanced life is coming to the forefront of conversation in our world as physicians. 

Here at UAB, we are intentionally and actively pursuing ways to preserve a balanced lifestyle and avoid burnout. The Internal Medicine Resident Wellness Committee was created by residents for residents, and is supported by our program and institutional leadership to promote wellness and target burnout from several angles. The committee's vision is inspired by our residency's namesake, Dr. Tinsley Harrison (think, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine). He emphasized the importance of the heart of medicine in his equation for medical education: E=hH2. The small "h" represents the head, or knowledge, and the large "H" represents the heart. We believe that promoting wellness protects that "Heart".

Burnout is defined by experiencing emotional exhaustion, feelings of depersonalization, and having a low sense of personal accomplishment. We provide platforms of community within the residency that promote reflection and awareness of ways to pursue wellness. We have sub-committees for problem solving, community service, and social events. Each of these is led by a different team of residents, promoting a continual change in focus to meet the current needs.