The Pediatric Research Office (PRO) supports those conducting pediatric research at Children's of Alabama by providing expertise and connections to resources. For assistance or to learn more, please contact Cheryl Perry, PhD, PRO Administrative Director.

Pediatric Faculty Expertise Database

Funding Opportunities

Financial Information, Forms and Budgets

Proposal Development and Boilerplate

Conducting Research

About the Pediatric Research Office (PRO)

Pediatric Faculty Expertise Database

Beginning in 2018, the PRO compiled a Pediatric Faculty Expertise Database that includes DOP faculty information on scholarly and/or research interests; interest in mentoring students, residents, fellows and post-docs; and research involvement as measured by number of publications and current funding. It is updated annually and was last updated during the Summer of 2021. The database is stored on a password-protected SharePoint site - which requires use of your BlazerID and strong passwordOnce you login, you will see a read-only copy of the database. Each row is a record and columns can be viewed by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. The database can be filtered by clicking on the down arrow next to a column header. To search by keyword, use Ctrl+F and type your term in the Find: box on the the screen. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Cheryl Perry or Melissa McBrayer.

If you are interested in looking for research or collaborators at UAB, but outside of the Department of Pediatrics, visit Scholars@UAB

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Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

Federal Funding Opportunities

Pivot-RP Global Search for Funding Opportunities

  • access information by using "login from my institution" drop-down and selected University of Alabama at Birmingham. Then enter your BlazerID and strong password. Finally, create a Pivot account.

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Financial Information, Forms and Budgets

UAB Information 

Information Specific to Pediatric Research

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Proposal Development and Boilerplate

CCTS Proposal Development 

  • includes information about and examples of biosketches, grant applications, rigor and reproducibility sections. Also has information on CCTS Panels for scientific pre-review of applications

Pediatric Research-related Boilerplate Information

  • includes information on UAB, the School of Medicine, the Department of Pediatrics and all Pediatric Divisions; Childrens of Alabama (COA), the Child Health Research Unit and COA Research Pharmacy; UAB Hospital and the Women and Infants Center; and other Centers

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Conducting Research

COA Research Forms

COA Investigational Pharmacy

Compassionate Use Agreements

  • PIs considering a compassionate use agreement must first email Nancy Corona of COA.

COA Medical Records

"How-to" Add signed Informed Consent Forms (ICF) to COA Medical Records

  • If your study activity occurs as outpatient visits and the study’s ICF states that it will become part of the participant’s medical record chart - OR -

  • If your study activity involves in-patients, in order to ensure continuity of care/patient safety - THEN - you are required to send an executed copy of each ICF in order to be added to the patient’s medical record. 

  • A copy of the ICF (including the participant's medical record number) should be created as a PDF and emailed to Terri Harris of COA Health Information Management.

"How-to" Research Study Monitor Access to Medical Records

  • Complete the COA Researcher Project Provisioning Form with dates and signatures by the sponsoring physician / researcher. (PDF)

  • Scan/email the form to or the form may be faxed to 205.638.6119 if scanning/email is unavailable.

  • The turnaround time to approval should be 3 to 5 days unless the form is unsigned or there is information missing.

  • The COA Provisioning Team will notify the requestor and sends an electronic copy to the researcher via email. It will also notify COA Medical Records (William Woloszyn) and COA Risk Management Department (Kathleen Street) that a research request has been processed for that person and sends them a copy of the form to keep on file.

  • A listing of research subjects should be sent to Tombi Dowdell with a copy of the IRB approval letter.

DOP Clinical Trials and Studies: Guidance for FAP & OnCore

  • Submission for CBR/FAP review is required for any clinical trial/study that includes clinical activities that may be provided and billed by a UAB Health System entity (UAB clinical billables).  Contact Melissa McBrayer with questions for the DOP process.

  • The latest Clinical Billing Review Workbook is on the UAB Clinical Trials Administrative Office site under Forms (v11.01.2019).

    • Use “Individualized Full Submission – Pediatrics” option under submission type UNLESS the research will occur within the Womens and Infants Center (WIC).

  • For most clinical trials/studies occurring at COA, only the protocol information will be added OnCore and an OnCore calendar will not be kept.

  • As a service to DOP study teams, Melissa McBrayer can submit OnCore protocol module build requests.

  • UAB clinical billables should be managed in OnCore if there are clinical billables of the UAB Health System (e.g. research occurring in WIC, special labs sent to UAB Lab for processing, etc.)

  • If an OnCore calendar is needed for billing, visit the OnCore Calendar Services page on the Center for Clinical and Translational Science website to request a calendar for billing.

Additional UAB Resources for Research

  • UAB Extramural Checklist and Responsible Personnel List (RPL). Contact your assigned DOP Financial Officer (or if unknown) for completion of these required documents for confidentiality agreements.

  • CCTS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Library.  Use template SOPs (drafts) and tailor for your research area.

  • requirements Denise McKenzie UAB Administrator with questions.

  • Need IRB consent forms in Spanish?  Email for latest information on UAB-approved translation contractors.

  • Quality Improvement Research. Leslie Hayes, MD (Department of Pediatrics' QI leader)

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About the Pediatric Research Office (PRO)

RS28789 RS28789 David Kimberlin 6 original scrThe UAB Department of Pediatrics established the Pediatric Research Office (PRO) in 2015 to renew its commitment to the generation of new knowledge in the diagnosis, treatment, and sequelae of pediatric diseases. Building upon a tradition of accomplishment illustrated by consistent rankings within the top 20 (and often top 10) of pediatric departments in terms of NIH research funding, the PRO seeks to “lower the energy of activation” in the design, conduct, and analysis of research conducted within Children’s of Alabama. This allows our physician-scientists to focus on the science of the research while relying on the highly skilled PRO staff to assist with the regulatory, biostatistical, data management, and other components key to the successful conduct of pediatric investigation (described below). By providing this support, the PRO accelerates our research to go farther faster, enhancing the overall funding prospects for pediatric research at UAB, and thus expanding medical options for the children of Alabama and beyond.

David W. Kimberlin, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research, Department of Pediatrics

Cheryl Perry, PhD, PRO Administrative Director - serves as primary interface for office and oversees provision of assistance as well as development of resources. For assistance with one or more of the areas below, please contact her by email Cheryl Perry or phone 205-934-5531.

Eric Macomb, PRO Informatics - supports data retrieval from data warehouse or clinical programs for feasibility assessments, preliminary data, research protocols, etc. and ensures proper oversight of data requests for research.

Melissa McBrayer, PRO Research Grants and Training - provides consultation and assistance with the development of research and career development applications, collaborates with UAB study coordinators and COA research administration to support pediatric research implementation, and serves as a speaker on relevant topics.

Inmaculada (Chichi) Aban, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics - provides assistance with sample size assessment, study design, biostatistical analysis planning, DSMB reports, final analyses at end of study, and final study report generation. Data sets should always be coded, so that the data is deidentified before analysis. Chichi also oversees additional biostatistics faculty and graduate students providing consultation to pediatric investigators.

Susan Branscum, Clinical Trials Administrator (Regulatory) - provides consultation and assistance with IRB applications and regulatory documents.

Emily Mixon (Data Management) - provides consultation and assistance with data collection and database development and management (TeleForm, SAS, EpiInfo, REDCap), data analysis and modeling, and provides training in these areas.

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